Well our daughter finally came into the air breathing world (43 weeks!)
she was born at home (standing up!) and dereck caught her!
she was 22 inches long and weighed 8lbs9oz, and she is just perfect.
birthstory coming soon, and a new blog (this one is going bubye) soon soon.
here are some great pics of the little cherub.


well this sunday i will be 39 weeks by our best calculation. we could be off about a week and a half, making me a possible 37 1/2 weeks, but either way, it could be any day now. im definitly starting to feel full term, which is new this week. last week i was having a hard time convincing myself that it was possible, but this week, my maternity clothes stopped fitting, my ribs feel like they are about to bust open, and i feel really lucky if i can get any sleep at all, much less fall asleep without seriously impacting d’s sleep. so all that to say- its coming.
this weekend is the full moon, so who knows what will happen.
im dying the yellow dress that carolyn and i made blue (d thinks the yellow looks too similar to my skin- which is odd since i dont have yellow skin) and when its done, i will model it and my 39 week belly for all your veiwing pleasure.
any one want to guess on baby date/gender? closest winner gets a prize!

important info-

lmp (or what sadly works as this one) august 7
positive pregnancy test september 14
due date may 17th

ready set go.

last night we fled from our responsibilities and duties while our housemates (and apparently their new signifigant others) worked on the parlor for us. for which i am eternally greatful. really really really. i cannot wait to get that done.
so what distracted me you ask?
these lovely ladies (we hope- two are pullets so we know were golden there, but the bantam was straight run, so were hoping its not a rooster… )

chicken mama i am. purple haired this time though
coming next week- baby bunnies.
coming next month- baby perkins-es.
holy crap.
and baby plants.

and did i mention that today is our anniversary?
two years ago today we got married in the cold cold spring time barefoot in the mud.


im starting to think that dresses are THE way to go. after the wedding last month i realized skirts are just way too much adjusting- gotta pull the waist up and tug the hem down, adjust the shirt- add an infant in a sling and i just dont have enough hands for that.
ive been looking for dress patterns though. im big. i mean, im huge with babe now, but i feel like its hard to find a dress that fits and flatters and isnt made out of some horrible weird stretchy material, so im gonna have to make them myself. and ive always admired the straight cut sleevelss batik over jeans with a cardigan, but never found a dress that could pull that off for me…
im also inlove with this dress
and this womans idea- sound like a good post baby expirement?

its cold. today was an interesting day to hop back on the dog walking band wagon. I was out for a half an hour and i lost feeling in my toes finger tips and face, all of which were covered.

and i know what winter does to me. It makes me want to curl up in my endless pile of snuggly blankets and sleep or read or watch movies, and wait for dereck to come home. This is not condusive to life. In reality, i need to get off my bum, put on some winter boots and go for a walk. Look at the snow, follow footprints. All these things need to get done. Less glamorously, I need to wash the dishes, and mud the drywall in heathers room so she can paint tonight (yeah i know, nothing like a deadline). I need to cook using the canned tomatoes we saved from last summer so we dont still have them this summer, i need to organize my office so its not a terrifying pile. (which it is). One sunny day, I need to get out into the yard and work on the chicken house, though maybe that needs to wait until spring.
In short , I need to move.
I feel better when i getup.
Its better for le bebe when i move around.

then why are my blankets soooo yummy?

Well. so, its the middle of the month. I made goals for this new year, well, specifically for this 4 months that im not taking classes.
they are to write here at least once a week
have potluck on friday nights and one work night a week
walk the dog twice a day ( he is just soooo much happier when he gets walked.. otherwise he sleeps allday and then goes CRAZY whenever anyone walks in)
make bread weekly
finish the house.

This seems a bit over ambitous to me, since im growing the babe and all that, but still, i figured i could harness the power of nesting and get it done.
We got the upstairs kitchen totally moved into the downstairs, and painted it a gorgeous green. Today hopefully, we are moving all the CRAP thats in my office/artroom/workspace into the upstairs kitchen, and then this weekend the boys can work on building the wall for the big room.
We are gonna divide it up and put sonya and norm’s kids in it, and heather and maybe one day Travis. We sure are a stuffed house, but it is really nice.
The rest of my mind is devoted to thinking about the garden. I hope that planning and sorting and trading seeds will keep me from freezing to death, and so far its working. We are hopeing to go 80% self sustainable next winter, so that means that this garden is super important, which is hard, since the babe will be coming right around planting time.

More tomorow, with thoughtfulness and prose perhaps.

Today i got a little white envelope- the first ever of my check-writing career as an adult- it was no big deal- the overdraft had already been noticed by me and taken care of-a week ago. So not only did it freak me out that it was happening again (it wasnt) i noticed the back of my envelope… it had that security writing all over it, the kind that makes it so you can’t see inside the envelope, but instead of the usual “secure” or whatever it says (what does it say? i don’t think i have ever noticed before…) it said LAFCU YOUR CREDIT UNION FOR LIFE over and over and over again. something about the repetition and the capital letters made me feel a little trapped and panicky… FOR LIFE…. *shivers*

im coming back. there is so so much to tell you about. but here is the brief-
we bought a house its gorgeous. im not taking classes next semester because im gonna be busy… growing a baby.
im 5 months now due in april- may ish.

and i promise that after the holidays, im here.

good friends from Chicago came up this weekend. We skipped taking our math test to walk around old town and peruse the shops- all of them let roscoe in.  we also stopped to check out the new local organic cafe, and sip some hot cider. we walked around the fish ladder and all around the river and really cemented- if we have to live in the city right now, this is where we want to live. which in itself presents a problem. we found one house that was perfect. really really perfect. and then in the basement lurked a monster, a coal furnace, converted to oil, converted to natural gas, with a tiny blower attached and huge three foot around asbestos vents. wow.  talk about a deal breaker. we were both kinda grumpy after that, but we have found another one, next block up, but from teh looks of it, its ucky. but, im holding out hope that its not that bad- maybe its a littel shabby on the outside and fabulous inisde…

we are starting to be a bit anxious about this. im also starting to worry about our trip to jamaica. i know im not supposed to say that, im supposed to imply that all is well and we trust completely. well. i dont. but im trying really really hard. we only have 10% of our support raised and we leave in less than two months. im just a little stretched. but. i am told that my Gd will provide. And he will.